Misty run, was I really there?

Friday 13th Feb
Great loop route to run, shame about the visibility – with only about 100m, it wasn’t at all obvious where the top was on Craig Lash. Thanks to GPS, was able to confirm I had been in the right place afterwards!
Still enough snow about to show up quad bike tracks that were reassuring. Lovely descent off north side of Lamahip down to Balogie end of Glencat. Here is a GPX download from my Garmin – hope it works

Route outline:
Balogie-woods north of Finzean house; up track towards Craiglash, taking a left about 500m after the big gate. Follow tracks westwards off Craiglash. Cross through large fence, head westwards until landrover track heading north. Take left to Lamahip.

Misty view of the Cairn on Lamahip