Land of Stream and Heather

After descending from the Gathering Cairn we took lunch while we pondered our options for the rest of the day. Having come this far upriver we coudn’t resist the temptation to carry on up and head for cp55 Cairn Leuchan and cp56 Quartz Cliff.
Back on our bikes at the Mounth footbridge. we cycled up past the Shiel of Glentanar and a bit beyond but got off our bikes and back to running when it got too wet. Then had a lovely section west to the bridge at NO383 889. The path runs alongside the river and past a small waterfall – its a really nice walk (since its too tricky to run as the heather threatens to trip you and catapult you into the stream at the least unwary step).
After the bridge we headed up the good road to Cairn Leuchan and, with the fine visibilty, really enjoyed the views back to where we had been in the morning.