Lamahip & Craig Lash – the John Major & David Cameron of hil ls





You know when you think you know where you are going and then you don’t, well the CP trip for today was a wee magical mystery tour.
Steph and I set off from the car park just up from Starrypool, there is a fair bit of timber extraction going on at the moment so the paths are fairly muddy but we are hill runners are we not? We were fairly certainly we knew the way as we had followed this route before with Warren at the helm, turns out it was about 8 months ago and it is fairly convoluted, therefore, there was a lot of heather bashing.About 3/4 of a mile from the car park there is a little ride on the right which cuts off a fair bit of the boring track, it is a tad wet but it does the job, from there you carry on the path to the right, through the deer fence gate and carry on till the end of the track.

Head through the small gap in the fence into the trees and then get lost!! Through our efforts I suggest you do not go as far as the gully on the left and in no circumstances head across it and into the deep, shin ripping heather…or wear shorts for that matter.
Once you find your (better) way to the top Craig Lash it is a fairly non descript top, more of a rise really.  Head onto the main track and once you pass the cairn at the top take a left and head down for about 200 metres, you will find a fairly indistinct track on the right.  Don’t miss this, we carried on for about a mile till we met the track coming over from Glen Cat, found a flail cut track which paralleled the track we just came down and headed back up it, then just went straight up the hill to the faintly underwhelming top that is Lamahip (see splendid photo!).

We took the indistinct path back to the main track, back to the cairn and turned back to the West, lovely long descent here from about 1200 feet to 600, we came past a very small lochan which was still frozen, not sure if it would have held our weight but it certainly looked pretty thick.
On down to the strange wee cabin (anyone know the history of this?) and then through the newly felled area and into the fields above Ballogie, we took a very small path which required a fairly steep climb up through the trees. Final descent down to Starrypool, mainly because we took a wrong turn.  I have included the strava upload for this route so you can see where not to go!