Knock Castle, Creag Ghiubhais & John Brown’s Statue

Derek & Evelyn

CP61 Knock Castle

A small bit of roadside parking gives access onto a footpath through the woods, onto farm track and then over a stile up to the castle. Beautiful views.

CP50 Creag Ghiubhais
Parked at the kissing gate on B976. Last here on the 2015 challenge when we took the track west beyond the trees before climbing. But decided there was little advantage so this time we headed straight up. Lovely open forest gives way to heather and snow. Then boulder field and more open forest. Seemed much more pleasant a trip this time, perhaps the blue skies and crisp, cold air had something to do with it.

CP43 John Brown’s Statue
The small parking space at Easter Balmoral was iced in so we parked at the main Balmoral visitor’s car park (empty).
Took a chance on going across the golf course (lots of Private signs) since there was a well tramped track in the snow. That gave us good access to what I think is the Cairns trail and eventually to the statue. Out via Easter Balmoral.
I always feel edgy on someone else’s property especially if the someone else is Her Majesty (and all her protection squad). We’ve been shadowed before when in Balmoral but very quiet today.