Hats off to Donald

We thought we had had a hard day out until we read Donald’s post.
Easy cycle in from Invereye (even with my gammy shoulder which isn’t fully better yet). Took in Colonel’s Bed on way past and and parked at the Lodge. Track only goes another 100m before it becomes futile to cycle.
In another 100 at NO080821 the track splits. A bit to your left is a small pile white painted stones. Going around to the left of these is a small track which may well be the “official” route towards Beinn Iutharn More.
We mistakenly continued on the clearer landrover track and climbed alongside the Altan Odhar. Realising our mistake, we traversed across the Allt nan Clach Geala to reach the shoulder of the climb. We came back the official route but it was patchy, boggy and heathery so we think we actually had the better route for going up.
Steep climb up the shoulder and the several false tops before you see the large cairn at the top.
Magnificent views.
Some sheep joined us on the top, presumably escaped from the lower slopes.
Will have to do the remainder of Donald’s big route another day (maybe even several days)

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