Glen Callater trio

Fri 18th Sept

Starting from Auchallater, biked in just over 4k, then jogged up to Creag Phadruig, disturbing a herd of red deer. Back down and biked to upper side of Loch Callater. Jog/walk up Jock’s Road / grass track in upper section and then turned south to Tolmount. Good view of head of Glen Doll and surrounding tops. Back down Jock’s road and then crossed over to head up to Loch Kander. Wonderful surprise when you eventually get up over the last section and the Loch is all there hidden in a bowl surrounded by steep sides. More red deer surprised. Looks like Francie should try out Invercauld for stags…..

Loch Phadruig

Over to Glen Doll from Tolmount

Loch Kander

Loch Kander with the sun