Garioch 10k, Inverurie

Well done to Robbie who beat experienced road runner Ben Hukins to win the Garioch 10km in a record time of 32:14 in a sprint finish. Dan Whitehead kept up with the leaders in the early stages and hung on to finsih 3rd in 34:50. Clair was comfortably first woman in 37:41 with myself lumbering round in 39:06. Only did it because I can walk to the start from my house!

For anyone interested, it is a very scenic route but definitely not one for a fast time with two small hills and one very hard long slog between kilometre 2 and 6. It was also unseasonably hot. The race was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons as one of the tail enders collapsed very near the finish and could not be revived by paramedics.