Craig Doin – so good they named it twice

According to my Not Entirely Reliable Guide to Placenames in Aberdeenshire, Craig Doin means Hill Hill. Whatever, it makes a good circuit. Started from Balmoral, took in the Princess Royal’s Cairn, which celebrates some princess getting married, on the way to Connachat, then climbed Craig Doin from the north, which is pretty steep but the woods are nice. There is a very impressive cairn on the way up, built to celebrate Queen Victoria buying Ballochbuie. Carried on south, crossed the path then went on to the Prince’s Stone, which celebrates Prince Albert spending a night in a hut. I wonder if Deeside Runners should employ a stonemason to record our great exploits? Kathy practised her curtseys while I sang God Save the Queen. Carried on NE along the path and back to the start. 18km, 600m of climbing, and it took us 3:45, but we were walking not running.