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98. Brackloch Craig NO 529 955

Range of CP’s

I haven’t been posting my CP’s so thought it was time to get them recorded so I get my mug for reaching 50! Most were done with the kids over the summer. One of the most memorable was my daughter encountering an adder on Tom Anthon, I have never seen her move as fast. Clais Fhearnaig is a beautiful spot, I can’t imagine going there if it wasn’t for the CP and I will definitely go back.
So the CP’s I have done over the last few months are: Lamahip, River Dee (by Shooting Greens), Brackloch Craig, Fog House, Creag Choinich, Colonel’s Bed, Tom Anthon, Claus Fhearnaig, Benaquhaillie.

Brackloch Craig

Off at 6.30 am before breakfast, up the Fungle from home to the Guard then down the Cistern track for 200 metres then along rides and animal tracks to Brackloch Craig. A surprisingly well constructed cairn.

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Carnferg and Brackloch

Started from Newmill carpark and up the mapped track to Carnferg. The forecast had been for clearer weather coming through mid afternoon but we had face-stinging hail as we left the shelter of the trees and didn’t hang around on the top.
Came off north-west via Pete’s (described by DaveH). This took us very easily down to the trees to pick up the good track round towards Brackloch. Got as close as we could on track (just at bend where stream comes under track via pipe) before going up through the heather. Cairn was a bit hidden but eventually found. Not much of a view but the two cp’s make a nice route together.
Retraced route back to track and down through Newmill to road.
Photo: D nearing the trig on Carnferg.
Photo: At the cairn on Brackloch

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Brackloch Craig – second attempt

Wed 25th Feb
It helps to have a map….., especially when it was my first time up this one. So close to Birsemohr, but easy to take wrong track. Tops all in trees, so can’t see when you’re on the highest top! Second attempt with map, no problem! Once on the right track, it’s no problem – heather has been mown but not recently.
Several craigs / rock outcrops at much the same height up here, one with a cairn on it.

Up the Fungle

Short of time, I went for Brackloch Craig. The forest is pretty dense, but there are a couple of paths leading onto the fairly dull hill. I did get a close up view of two roebucks.


There’s nothing like a challenge point to make you take random detours off perfectly serviceable paths to trudge through heather and fallen trees to a indiscriminate and viewless location. Did Carnferg from Balfour car park, returned via Newmill Track (with above detour).

Brackloch Craig

Nice run up Brackloch Craig with Andy. Down to join the newmill track (slightly further down than I planned, much to Andy’s disappointment!) and back up to the fungle single track. Pretty dark coming back down the fungle but very enjoyable nonetheless.