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97. Carnferg NO 522 934

Baudy Meg and Carnferg

16th MayRan from Aboyne up the Fungle, right at the Guard, then the top track to below Baudy Meg. A bit of heather bashing up onto the top, and then lots more across the muir towards Carnferg. A nice tail wind helped me up the last climb, but this was followed by a nasty freezing squall dropping off the hill back to the Fungle.

Another lovely day

More good weather to drag the family up another hill. After Clachnaben hill race yesterday, we decided to take a relaxing stroll up to Carnferg. Took the long way up but had a good laugh sprinting straight down. 8.21 miles enjoyed in the sunshine with less wind than I expected at the top.

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Carnferg and Brackloch

Started from Newmill carpark and up the mapped track to Carnferg. The forecast had been for clearer weather coming through mid afternoon but we had face-stinging hail as we left the shelter of the trees and didn’t hang around on the top.
Came off north-west via Pete’s (described by DaveH). This took us very easily down to the trees to pick up the good track round towards Brackloch. Got as close as we could on track (just at bend where stream comes under track via pipe) before going up through the heather. Cairn was a bit hidden but eventually found. Not much of a view but the two cp’s make a nice route together.
Retraced route back to track and down through Newmill to road.
Photo: D nearing the trig on Carnferg.
Photo: At the cairn on Brackloch

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Strange weather on Carnferg

I started up the Fungle in warmish sunshine. As I headed up through the burnt heather above the path it got very dark and on came the snow. It was heavy descending from the summit, but once back in the trees, the sun came back and it was very pleasant all the rest of the way down. Only a single red grouse on the hill, but lots in the lower forest including woodcock, jay, wren, treecreeper, buzzard, mistle thrush and crossbill.

night run up carn ferg

Peter, Dave Croll, Marie and I had a pleasant jog up here last night. Too misty to see any sign of the aurora or anything else much. Went up the usual way from the top of the Fungle, but Peter showed us a rather better route off to the north west. There’s a path almost all the way down, only the last bit between the two paths is heathery. Took 1 hour 13 according to Strava.


There’s nothing like a challenge point to make you take random detours off perfectly serviceable paths to trudge through heather and fallen trees to a indiscriminate and viewless location. Did Carnferg from Balfour car park, returned via Newmill Track (with above detour).

Carnferg by moonlight (and headtorch)

I wastoo late for training tonight so when I got out I headed up the fungle and ended up going up Carnferg. Lovely moonlit evening . Didn’t need my head torch on from where I came out of the trees on the single track to the top. Some pretty deep snow but worth the effort to get my third cp.