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96. Craigrath NJ 687 018


Monday 9th Nov
A nice wee 7k diversion on my way into Aberdeen! Ran up from Raemoir House, lots of forestry work going on. Clear blustery morning.

two hills by bike

No-one seems to like Green Hill – try this route. Just took 37 mins and I wasn’t trying. Easy ride to the edge of the trees then quite a lot harder (too hard for me today). Great views from the top and an easy ride down. Went on to Hill of Fare and on the way towards Torphins saw a track heading in roughly the right direction so thought I’d see if I could ride it. And I could, more or less. A fire road (not marked on the map) goes to the edge of the trees then there is a path up the hill to join the bigger track marked on the map. Then it is an easy ride to the challenge point. Nearly all rideable up and easy back down. There’s probably a good running circuit to be done from here – there were other paths through the heather.

Hill of Fare

27/06/2015 Ran from west end of Raemoir up onto Craigrath and then continued on the track to the bothy where I turned right. Then it was into terrain to find a route back to the half hoos at the end of the track below Cragrath. This took 15′ of mixed terrain to get to there with a bit of a slog to regain height at the end. From there it was a lovely track run back. Finally enjoyable to run in just shorts and T and no need to carry any spare kit 🙂

No photos as I forgot the camera.

Down at Raemoir

To the hotel to tackle Craigrath. This proved to be a pleasant stroll through open woodland and moor. It got increasingly cloudy and windy, so I didn’t hang about too long at the top. Plenty of birds in the woods, but nothing out in the open. I saw song thrush, great tit, bullfinch, great spotted woodpecker, goldcrest, chiffchaff, willow warbler, blackcap, wren, cuckoo, tree pipit and chaffinch.


Parked at the West entrance to Raemoir Hotel and followed the tracks to Craigrath. Total Peace and tranquillity all the way ,didn’t see anyone. A few frogs had deposited spawn in vehicle ruts which were drying out. Trees still had to be climbed over. There was one very fine holly tree still covered in red berries near a Lochan which had frog spawn in it. No frog spawn in the little pools on the top of Craigrath.

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96 Picadilly Circus

On our way back from Tesco we stopped to do Craigrath
We had only run a few metres when we spotted DonaldK coming down towards us having just taken the cp. We stopped to talk for a few minutes when RogerC arrived by bike having also just completed the cp.
This is our second time up here this year. Last time was in mid January in cold snowy conditions when we did a loop coming down via Brown Hill. Today was less picturesque but footing was definitely easier.

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Steeplechase on Crai grath or how to ice skate in Inov-8’s ( right CP!)

Being short of time on a Thursday evening an ascent of Craigrath seemed like a decent idea. Parking at the usual spot at the West entrance to Raemoir House, Steph and I headed up through the rhododendrons and out onto the landrover track at the back of the hotel. This is where I found out that I do not have any latent ice skating talent, I have been steadier on my feet after a session in the Ballater games beer tent!
There were several icy patches on the way up but they could be easily circumvented, there were several fairly large fallen trees across the path that required various contortions to bypass, this all added to the fun. As you get onto the the higher reaches there was appreciable amounts of almost frozen snow which Steph bounded over like a gazelle, I tried to imitate this and failed miserably. The summit was reached in amount 27 minutes or so, I always find it amazing the view from such a small hill and on a clear night like last night the sky was spectacular. After a wee bit of hanging about we descended at a reasonably sedate pace and then started the slip, slide Steeplechase to the bottom. No injuries occured in the executing of this checkpoint run and fun was had by all.