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88. Hill in Craigmore Wood NO 594 967

three hills in the woods

Biked up Hill of Goauch with Kathy from Shooting Greens with the intention of carrying on down to the river, but Kathy got a stick in her gears on the way down and broke the hanger for the rear mech, so we had to walk back to the car. The hill is in a lovely bit of old pine wood surrounded by the Blackhall plantation. There are also lots of mountain bike trails there, some of which are really nice, some very muddy, and some horribly scary. Usually you don’t know which kind you are on until too late. We went home and had lunch, then decided to make up for the morning by walking two easy points from Potarch. There is a marked trail up the hill in Craigmore wood, but you have to find the trail before you will find the map or any of the markings. We did it clockwise so had almost finished before we came across the map, and all the arrows pointed where we had just come from. After you get off the fire roads the hill top is rather nice, but the track to get there is very long, very straight and very stony. Went on to Ord More in Sluie woods. Another nice bit of woodland (at least at the top) with lots of little crags and a feeling of remoteness only spoiled by motor bikers throwing themselves off the said crags.

Biking from Banchory

Took a fine bike tour with Clare, via the river in Blackhall to find Trustach (CP 62), then on to Potarch and Craigmore Wood (88). Finally, up towards Craiglash quarry to get the Ordmore CP (91), via the intriguingly named ‘Warlock’s stone’ : alter-like but not many virgins or goats for a sacrificial spell round here? Alan

Hill in Craigmore Wood

Ran from my house in Torphins and took a convoluted route to get to Potarch and the Hill in Craigmore Wood and back again, total of 17 miles so that’s me started the training for the Lairg Ghru. Passed a buzzard sitting in a tree which was staring me out and then looked like it was going to dive bomb me when I was a few metres below it. I ran a little faster at that point.

At Potarch

From the car park I followed Warren’s route. It was a fine morning and a good track. The red route looks lost at the end once you get to the field of cattle, but the Deeside Way is just beyond. I spotted bullfinch, crossbill, great tit, jay, great spotted woodpecker and song thrush.

Craigmore Woods – a lovely recovery run

Friday 3rd March
Craigmore Woods – from Potarch carpark, follow the Ballogie Estate ‘red’ trail markers – a lovely woodland run for a circuit of 3.5 miles. Going in anti-clockwise direction it takes you right over the top of the hill and then a lovely downhill section to the Deeside way back to the carpark. Great for a short recovery run.

Craigmore Woods

Arrivals of guests and Easter holidays put paid to Marie and I’s usual exploits, so I settled for a family walk up Craigmore. From Potties we made it into a circuit, more fruit pastille bribery and some fun climbing in the quarry made a good wee trip.

Potties peaks

Parked at the green at Potties and headed first up to the trig point in Craigmore Wood. Took the orienteers line up the hill from the track to the north and back with a small detour to look at the terrain within the deer-fenced block. Then across the road and up into Sluie. Once again took the orienteers line up to the top of Ord More then came back by the 4wd ruts. Just an hour at an easy pace for both points.