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87. Mill Maud NJ 572 068

Sunday walks

Two cp’s ticked with the family on two Sunday walks (Craigendarroch was done 2 weeks ago but only got round to recording it). We often head up Mill Maud as a wee family walk, great view from the top.

Mill Maud

Working in the garden meant there wasn’t much time for challenges, so I headed for Lumphanan. I followed the tracks mentioned previously, and in no time at all was on the top looking at more fresh snow on the bigger hills. I spotted a wren and a buzzard.

Mill Maud Madness with Minions

Unfortunately we didn’t read D and E’s perfect directions but instead set off up the landrover track and took the left fork. We continued round until we were on the high point of the track and Lucas choose where we should veer up through the trees for the summit. Unfortunately, again, there was a carpet of fallen trees which was pretty much impassable so we skirted back down a bit and round the worst of it to pop out at the top not far from the cairn where some chocolate eggs were unfairly distributed. A better route was taken down and fun was had playing on the huge pile of sand, Page found a caterpillar. From here we headed down a single track and then followed the fence line back to the road. An easy check point with a good view. Approximately 3.5km and about 1hour 15mins! We did read D and E’s blog once we got home and agree that it would make a good handicap race for the summer.

Mill Maud in the Mist

A short run on a day not worth anything longer. Missed D+E’s track up so went up through the field on the other side of the fence. Too much gorse to make it a good route. It’s very easy to find the path down, and it makes a really nice run (for a few minutes, it’s not a big hill). It continues after you see the big pile of sand on the main track up, but unfortunately veers off to the SW giving us 500m on the road at the end.

Mill Maud

Followed D and E perfect directions, on a cool misty morning and avoided the worst of the rain. There’s a dedication to a couple of dogs on the top.
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Above Loch Manse and Mill Maud

Two more in close radius of home. Last Sunday still bung full of cold but got to from the east side.The tracks are all mushy from thinning work in the forest, so the west side would be better esp if not a Sunday as they will likely be working. This week I biked up the road to the start of the forest track, then shuffle jogged – best I could manage – from there to the trig ! It is really great for the view, and followed D&Es perfect instructions to get up there. Wondering if there was a circular route down I came across the Geochache box just beyond the trig.

Cycling around sunny Cromar – 11th Feb

Tomnaverie Stone Circle – impressive stone circle, and I’ve cycled past it so many times without stopping.
Then up the hill to Queens View, where the History board tells you the stone circle is 4000 years old, wow. But also the Blue Cairn, on the way from Balnagowan to Scar Hill, is also a burial site, about 6000 years old, give or take a few!

Then onwards to The Crossroads and up Maud Hill, through the cold shady woods until breaking out on the sunny side for a superb view out to Hill of Fare and over Lumphanan.

Come into the garden Maude

This is another of these great places where, for minimal effort, you can get a panoramic view of Deeside from sea to mountain.
We ran from home on a lovely sunny day and 3 degrees C.
From the back of the Crossroads hotel run up the track and fork right at the first junction. At the next corner/turning area, continue uphill for 125m and take the contour line track on your right. About another 100m on, there is a small track on your left leading up through the trees, coming out just a little downhill of the trig point. The entrance to this track isn’t so obvious but it very quickly opens up into a well used path. If you miss it, you will only go another 50m on the main track before reaching the fence line and can turn back and try again
I had thought of having a club handicap here by also utilising the main track around the hill plus another track down from the trig point. If you haven’t all done this point before summer, I might still arrange it
Musical reference in the title is for Phil cos I know he appreciates them
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