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86. Hill above Lochmanse NJ 527 044

In Coull

From Lochmanse to the unnamed hill above. Once beyond the farm, (not a manse at all), up the very good track, then off to the right, followed by the inevitable heather bashing for a short while. I saw a buzzard, jay, meadow pipits, mistle thrush, song thrush, treecreeper, coal tit. It is very scenic, particularly coming back down the glen. Great weather too.

Mortlich and Craiglich

After spending our days being lavished with attention from our children (cup of coffee in bed, and cajoling them on family walks in the spring sunshine), Marie and I met up for a late afternoon run. Setting off from my home in Auchinhove, we went past Warhead to Tillylair farm. From here there is a land rover track that takes you up short of the top just north of Mortlich. A quick trudge through the heather brought us to the summit. From here we descended down the usual route and took a right into the Coull tracks. We followed back round the west side of Mortlich returning up to and along the boundary fence. We crossed the aptly names “Glen of Peat Lochies” which was as you would expect, before heading up to the hill above Lochmanse. We then continued from here up onto Craiglich, just in time to catch an amazing sunset over Morven (iPhone photo does not do it justice). From the top we descended back to Auchinhove through the forestry tracks. Run surprisingly longer than you would imagine at just over 10 miles.

Hill above Lochmanse

Took a different route to Derek+Evelyn and Jane – a bit longer (7km) but probably nicer. The run up from the Slack has great views, but in the end you still have to get through the heather. I’d have taken in Craiglich but I’m still recovering from a cold. It’s possible to go on to Mortlich from here, but it takes much longer than you might expect. The Glen of Peat Lochies is exactly what you think it is.

86 Hill above Lochmanse

Just south of Wartle, there is a timber route up into the forest. About a dozen years ago we used this as a handicap route, running up to the fenceline a little east of the cp. We set off from home by mtb intending to use the track. However there are timber operations currently and the track is a mess of mud and difficult to climb. We knew we couldn’t get all the way to the top so got off the bikes about 1km south of the cp.
We found the fenceline and Jane’s marker stone and also the deep heather.

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Hill above Lochmanse

Early morning run from near Wartle. Route signposted 4 miles to Tarland via Lochmanse. Ran up across field then on to a track . Just out of the wood ,at a gate I followed a small animal track next to a fence. I continued until a small stone marker post with a T on it. I climbed over the fence and went through tall Heather until I got to the cairn. Picture shows Morven on the skyline.
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Sunset over Deeside

After a day of trains, planes and automobiles, managed to get back home in time for a nip up to the Coull Col (as named by me!) from my house. A quick detour to the challenge point and a lovely sunset before returning back to Auchinhove in the dark.