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77. Balnagowan Hill NJ 503 008

77 Balnagowan Hill onto 76 Scar Hill

Weather looking more promising today after last night’s gales so we thought we would try to get 77 and 76 together.
Came in from the eastern end along the good track from Balnagowan farm. After the road split and just before the building marked on map there are some forestry vehicle (muddy) tracks leading up almost to the cp.
Came back down same way to pick up main track and onto 76

Spring has arrived

Up the Tarland road to park at Balnagowan. It was a beautiful afternoon and it’s a good track going west. Once in the trees, you swing round towards the hill and go up through the larches and pines. The top is tree covered so no great views. Only two birds but that was a pair of crossbills. Special! Being a sucker for a ruin, I stopped at West Balnagowan back down the hill. I’m not sure what this building was doing up here as it doesn’t look like a farming area and there are no old steadings.

Brilliant Friday afternoon on Balnagowan & Scar Hill

Wonderful sunny afternoon in the woods on Balnagowan and looking over Vale of Cromar from Scar hill.
Great wee trail from Balnagowan to Scar hill. The Blue Cairn (or Long Cairn) en route was very white! Will try post garmin route file later. Great chat with the farmer in Braeroddach farmyard on way back.

On Balnagowan hill

Late afternoon sun highlighting Pressendye and overlooking Tarland from the cairn on Scar hill.

Morven from Scar hill