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76. Scar Hill NJ 482 013

76 Scar Hill from Balnagowan

From Balnagowan we followed the track leading towards Airlie but switched onto the newer track westwards as Airlie one deteriorated. At a junction we headed north and then left the track into the trees to reach the fenceline running west to Long Cairn / Blue Cairn. The old fence is still in place alongside a new deer fence and there is reasonable running between the two.
After passing the cairns the marked track is non-existent so we just went gate-to-gate in general direction of Tillyduke buildings and up onto Scar Hill.

Scar Hill

Still suffering from a cold so walked gently up here to get some fresh air. I really like this area, although it is getting overrun with broom and finding a good route can be tricky. The way from my house is as good as any – 5km and it could easily be run in under 30mins.

p76 map.pdf

A new adventure and an old favourite

Yesterday we set off to find a new place for us, Scar Hill. Initially easy going following track/footpath from Monandavan. Then aimed for the Carin. Here should have taken Jane’s advice as we ended up in the “head high broom” which for little legs was more like a jungle. Finally made our way through and up to the top. Headed down due south over the fence and going was much easier before retuning on the footpath.

Today was back onto known ground as we headed to Braemar and went up Creag Choinich. Easy footpath to the top, though the girls added some challenges by climbing as many trees as possible en route. Extended the route by heading down the east side to under the Lions Face before returning to Braemar for lunch at The Bothy.

Top of Scar Hill

Started from The road near Monandavan,followed tracks and animal tracks to the top of Scar hill via a cairn. Need to keep South of the fence to avoid head high broom ,between the cairn and Scar hill. Sent from my Fire

A Saunter to Scar Hill

I came in from the west, past Monandavan and the brilliantly named Keiselguhr, the site of a works that extracted said stuff, otherwise known as diatomite, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, from the bog there. It was used in the manufacture of dynamite. On up the track, through the woods past the prehistoric cairn and up to the summit of Scar Hill, still in brilliant sunshine. You get a fine view of Strathweltie from here, though I couldn’t see if Dave was out sunbathing! I saw several roe deer, five buzzards , a red squirrel, two yellowhammers and another group of bullfinches, plus a flock of at least five hundred pinkfoot geese in a field below the hill. The photo in the woods is an old building at Keiselguhr.

Brilliant Friday afternoon on Balnagowan & Scar Hill

Wonderful sunny afternoon in the woods on Balnagowan and looking over Vale of Cromar from Scar hill.
Great wee trail from Balnagowan to Scar hill. The Blue Cairn (or Long Cairn) en route was very white! Will try post garmin route file later. Great chat with the farmer in Braeroddach farmyard on way back.

On Balnagowan hill

Late afternoon sun highlighting Pressendye and overlooking Tarland from the cairn on Scar hill.

Morven from Scar hill