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75. Tomnaverie Stone Circle NJ 486 036

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Well there we are: Lochnagar back in full winter clothing, all the buttress routes looked in fine shape from bottom to top. Feeling maybe I was a wee bit optimistic in putting the full winter gear in the loft with a variety of shorts and t-shirts in the outdoor draw. Plodded slowly up Glen Girnock, which has a great dirt road and is truely stunnng. At Loinveg I headed up hil and track was soon replaced by heather. Fairly short grunt to gentle slope leading to the final steepening. Several fine cairns on points of no significance with a tiny pile of stones on the summit.

Afternoon had dogs to be walked so wondered up Baderonoch Hill, descending via Lazy well. Then ticking took over and Knockergetty and Tomnaverie stone circle.


A couple of easy checkpoints

Thursday evening, football on TV in a couple of hours and a beer in the fridge so I thought it proper to knock off a couple of quick checkpoints before I settle down in front of the TV.The route is easy as it is a mix of a couple of the marked Tarland Walks so from Tarland through the woods, which at the moment are being developed for the MTB trails and making your way up to Knockagety – I’ve been up plenty of times and never seen the Roman Fort they outline on OS Maps. Then a quick loop at the top to retrace your steps back to the woods then divert off across the main road to Tomnaverie before heading back to watch football – pity I fell asleep before half time and missed the second half !

Tomnaverie Stone Circle…..or is it!

As the rugby was not very exciting, nor was Scooby Doo, Lucas & Page decided we needed some fresh air. This was seen as an ideal opportunity to con them into a walk to a CP in the guise of a nice walk. The stone circle is attained after an arduous climb from the car park, it took about 10 minutes but this was mainly caused by spending about 8 of those playing with the kids! The circle is a nice place all agreed and we decided to extend the walk to the South-West along the waymarked trail. This allowed us to view the squinty hoose, must be some weird folk living in that one (apologies if any one knows them!). Once we had collected several interesting(!) stones from the drive of the houses which leads down to the main road and spent more exciting minutes cajoling the slightly flea bitten horses (yet again apologies if you know them) to eat some very unappealing grass picked from the roadside we headed back to the relative safety of Steph’s car. I can recommend this route to the rest of you, a very relaxing stroll with little climbing but at least we got to speculate on the meaning of life and why those folk plonked the stones there so close to the road (very handy).

Girls getting the CP bug.

Set off with a bottle of water, some sandwiches, and a packet of fruit pastilles to see if we could take in some school holiday checkpoints. Attaining a pastille for every cp we reached seemed to instil enthusiasm to the hunt. Disappointment that the fort at Ferneyhowe was not the fortified military base I had made it out to be on the way up, but was acquitted by the resemblance the stone circle had to the one in Disney’s Brave!

Cycling around sunny Cromar – 11th Feb

Tomnaverie Stone Circle – impressive stone circle, and I’ve cycled past it so many times without stopping.
Then up the hill to Queens View, where the History board tells you the stone circle is 4000 years old, wow. But also the Blue Cairn, on the way from Balnagowan to Scar Hill, is also a burial site, about 6000 years old, give or take a few!

Then onwards to The Crossroads and up Maud Hill, through the cold shady woods until breaking out on the sunny side for a superb view out to Hill of Fare and over Lumphanan.

A richt bonny view

A short cycle out from home to Tomnaverie via Coull on a chilly but windless day.
It’s amazing how such a little hill has such a great view.
Home via Tarland, hoping to pop in to the tearoom but its early closing on Wednesday – beware.
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Picnic at Tomnaverie

After several fine days, I managed to get the best one for lunch at Tomnaverie. This really is a great spot, and now that the quarry is getting filled in, perhaps the fence can be removed, which would make it even better. Check the sky in the photo taken to the south. Is it a sign for things to come at the General Election? Wildlife interest: two buzzards and a flock of pinkfoot geese.

challenge 15

We had a nice wander today with the dog around the boardwalk at Loch Kinnord and continued around the loch. .
The snow on Lochnagar looked cold, viewed from above the recumbent stone of Tomnaverie today. . Jake stayed in the pickup as he’d over done it going around Loch Kinnord.