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72. Lazy Well NJ 443 089

Lazy Well

To the Towie Road for a wander along to Lazy Well. It was bright and sunny when I set off, and the wind had died down at last. This was a new path to me, and the huge colony of common gulls on the hill was a surprise. Great scenery and abundant wildlife made it a top challenge. I saw whitethroat, willow warbler, curlew, oystercatcher, skylark, meadow pipit, linnet, common gull, carrion crow, siskin, mute swan, mallard, tufted duck, dabchick, cuckoo, mountain hare and roe deer.

A windblown run up Pressendye & Lazy Well

Sun 31st May
Parked up at Ruth & Iain’s and duly pointed up the right track. Very gusty ascent and top of Pressendye. Great run off the top and over Broom Hill to Lazy Well. Looks like some nice running to the North side of that ridge – for another day… Good descent back down to Ruth’s. 15.7 k, 619m climb, 1 hr 42′ running time.
A good workout for Sunday late afternoon – the best part of the day weatherwise, as it happened.

Pressendye in the mist

Rode up to Lazy Well with Gary and Kathy, on a drizzly day with low cloud. K turned back and Gary + I continued along the track to Pressendye. There is a new deer fence almost all the way and I’m not sure what the best route is. Probably to stay on the right of the fence. We stayed left and turned north after descending broom hill, which is less steep than the direct route but a very bad track. Took the most direct route back down which is a great ride and gave me the chance to check it out before the race on Thursday. Have to admit my legs were a bit tired after the Ben Lomond race yesterday.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Well there we are: Lochnagar back in full winter clothing, all the buttress routes looked in fine shape from bottom to top. Feeling maybe I was a wee bit optimistic in putting the full winter gear in the loft with a variety of shorts and t-shirts in the outdoor draw. Plodded slowly up Glen Girnock, which has a great dirt road and is truely stunnng. At Loinveg I headed up hil and track was soon replaced by heather. Fairly short grunt to gentle slope leading to the final steepening. Several fine cairns on points of no significance with a tiny pile of stones on the summit.

Afternoon had dogs to be walked so wondered up Baderonoch Hill, descending via Lazy well. Then ticking took over and Knockergetty and Tomnaverie stone circle.


Lazy Wells from Pressendye

From Pressendye it’s a lovely run along the ridge via Broom Hill and Green Hill. We were lucky, after the recent misty days, to get clear skies and no wind, just a cool air to keep us from overheating. Great views north and south.
Lazy Wells only comes into view in the last couple of hundred metres.
There were two of these little structures in the heather, anyone know what they are?
Back along the green lane to East Davoch then via Big to our car at Oldmill.
Just under 9 miles for the circuit.

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Hare and Hams

An early start from Tarland and up through the beeches making a quick detour up Pittenderich where it started to snow. Carrying on up to Pressendye I was surprised to find a “radio ham” stood with a transmitter trying to reach Moscow. It turns out his radio club have 88 checkpoints across Deeside – to tick off the checkpoint you need to make four contacts by radio. I didn’t hang about to see how he got on but carried on towards Broom Hill where a mountain hare, still in winter whites, led the way. Suffice to say I got left behind !The run down to Lazy Well is good going and then heading back to Tarland through the Davochs – I briefly turned to see Pressendye decked in sun and blue sky all around !!

Not so Lazy Well

Andy had a day off so I suggested that we meet at 9am and go for a nice little run up Pressendye and maybe take in Lazy Well. The views from Pressendye were great and the gentle descent down to Lazy Well good fun. A long descent on a nice grassy track to East Davoch and then back along a very quiet little road to Tarland. A nice 11 mile route for a Monday morning (surely better than being at work??).