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68. Trig point above Redburn NJ 416 011

Worst land management on Deeside?

28/04/15 From Redburn headed up onto Culblean Hill to bag cps 68 and 67. Hoped that the run would raise my spirits, but unfortunately it just got me really cross. This hillside could be wonderful (the reserve next door is) but instead it’s been bulldozed with hideous tracks and burnt to a crisp. AND THE LANDOWNERS GET AWAY WITH IT. Grr. Remind me not to bother next time.

Culblean Hill on a cool sleety Sunday morning

Sunday 29th March
Up the landrover track from Raebush and Redburn – a good slope for hill reps, which after 10 x minute on, minute off, I was close to top of the main climb, phew!
A cool and overcast morning with a little sleety snow in the air.
Culblean high points – there are two cairns at much the same height on the top.
Then back down via the Trig Point above Redburn, overlooking Lochs Kinord & Davan.

Back to the challenge

After another week looking after grandchildren it was good to get back on the hill, and on a fine day. I started from Raebush and headed up to the trigpoint first, before going across country to get up Culblean. then returning via the good track below the summit. A very special bird, a hen harrier, appeared very briefly lower down the hill. I would advise it to leave Dinnet estate, as it is not a healthy place for a harrier to be. A skylark higher up was a surprise too.

Trig point above Red Burn

Started from where the Red Burn goes under the road near Raebush. Followed the track to near the top of Culblean hill , continued to the top then headed straight for the trig point in the distance.A distant view of Loch Kinnord in the photo.

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68 Desperately seeking Noah

It started to seem like a biblical outing as we made our way over to Raebush and up onto Culblean hill. Firstly we saw our first two lambs of the year in a field near Culsh earth house, then two toads in a pond on the hill track and then two black grouse. To add to the drama, the heavens opened and we were subjected to two heavy downpours of hail and rain.
Despite this, Dave’s helpful map soon got us up onto the top of the hill and the trig point. We didn’t linger too long though, just enough time for a photo of the rainbow promising us better times ahead.

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Crannoch & Culbean

Beautiful day for it, although cold on the tops. We started at Cambus and left the track fairly early on to reach the 556m top of Crannoch then nice run along the top and down to the deer fence. Good short heather up Culbean although Coogie the dog chased a white hare and was lost for about 10 minutes so it gave us a good rest part way up the hill while we shouted and whistled. Nice run to the trig point then directly South towards Burn O’Vat and then back to Cambus.

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Trig point above Redburn

Duncan and I skied up the track from Redburn and walked to the summit only for Duncan to point out we have to go down to the actual trig point. Duncan then skied down and I walked, ran and skied down.