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62. River Dee opposite Trustach NO 648 962

Range of CP’s

I haven’t been posting my CP’s so thought it was time to get them recorded so I get my mug for reaching 50! Most were done with the kids over the summer. One of the most memorable was my daughter encountering an adder on Tom Anthon, I have never seen her move as fast. Clais Fhearnaig is a beautiful spot, I can’t imagine going there if it wasn’t for the CP and I will definitely go back.
So the CP’s I have done over the last few months are: Lamahip, River Dee (by Shooting Greens), Brackloch Craig, Fog House, Creag Choinich, Colonel’s Bed, Tom Anthon, Claus Fhearnaig, Benaquhaillie.

Banchory to Aboyne – along the riverbank and Deeside Way

Sat 9th May
Good run via the river through Scolty/Blackhall, with some interesting water crossings! Lovely riverside run up to Potarch on south side, which I’d never done before.
Then onto the Deeside Way for the last section to Aboyne, with a 5 mins stop in to say Hi to Jon, Sarah & Euan.
The fishing hut down from Trustach Cottage – some cottage, this is it up in the trees……

and the approach to Potarch.

Shooting Greens in the rain

A pretty wet and miserable day, nevertheless the run up Goauch from the Shooting Greens car park offers a nice mix of terrain. From there I continued on to the top of Scotly, then dropped down to the car park and along the road past Blackhall, before continuing along the track to opposite Trustach. I passed some large, grand and I would imagine very expensive houses on both sides of the Dee that I never knew existed, as well as and some equally wet but contented looking fishermen. I then went up round Slewdrum before returning to the car park along the Deeside Way. Both the feet and the knee struggling after last weekends Highlander exploits, but at least today had no hail, snow or unrelenting bog to contend with!!

Biking from Banchory

Took a fine bike tour with Clare, via the river in Blackhall to find Trustach (CP 62), then on to Potarch and Craigmore Wood (88). Finally, up towards Craiglash quarry to get the Ordmore CP (91), via the intriguingly named ‘Warlock’s stone’ : alter-like but not many virgins or goats for a sacrificial spell round here? Alan

By bike through the Shooting Greens

It was dull and cool as I headed along the track towards Goauch. I left the bike below the hill and went up through the trees, finding near the summit a path coming up from the east, clearly much used by mountain bikes. Then it was down to the river to the bank opposite Trustach, the weather improving as I went on. I heard and saw migrant willow warbler and chiffchaff, as well as buzzard, wren, great spotted woodpecker, treecreeper, great tit, song and mistle thrush, grey and pied wagtail and mallard.

Chilly spin down by the Dee

Sunny but pretty cold ride down by the Dee and then on up to Shooting Greens. Sheet ice on some of the tracks made for some judicious choices to walk at times…didn’t fancy a broken bone to go with current calf problems.

Down by the riverside

After a hard climb and descent at cp95, we have a nice run down to the riverside.
We seem to have arrived at lunchtime for the two fishermen in the hut across the river.
Picture 2 was a lovely view of the river on the was across from cp95

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NIght ski around Slewdrum/Blackhall

Went for a wee after work ski from the Shooting Greens car park. Snow was quite slow but there was more than enough to make decent progress, went down to the Dee to tick off the CP opposite Trustach. Snow was a little thin on the riverside path so I had to run instead for about 300 metres. Ski back up to the car park was nice, thought about heading up to Hill of Gouach but I had been promised a scone and that won out quite easily!