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60. Tom Giubhais NO 469 917

Mt Keen

Ran up Glen Tanar and on up the Mounth up onto the top of Mt Keen. Dropped down to the col between Keen and Braid Cairn and made a traversing line through the heather on to Gathering Cairn. Dropped down to the track that drops into the Water of Gairney valley. Here it was a choice between relieving tried legs and the desire to get another cp. The cp won and I dropped down to cross the Gairney rising up the other side about 50m before setting off into the heather to reach Tom Guibhais. The track wan’t particular well defined until you passed the top, and I found the link back to the main track different to the map meaning I had to ford 2 rivers instead of just the 1. All in 18 miles, a bit longer than I expected, and some very wet feet.

An elusive track

To Glen Tanar to get to Tom Giubhais. I couldn’t find the start of the track on the map by the Allachy burn, so I crawled over the little ruined bridge and stumbled up through the bracken and heather until I came upon the track on my right, which gave me an easy approach to the summit. There I found a cairn made of five stones! The sun came out briefly while I was there. Only a few grouse, a couple of meadow pipits and a goldcrest appeared.

Little Cockcairn to Tom Giubhais

After a few days layoff for family committments, we were keen to get back on the cp trail.
We had read Warren’s route going firstly to Tom Giubhais then Little Cockcairn but since he then did Baudy Meg and we have already done it, we had the alternative of trying for Little Cockcairn first. Hopefully this would avoid the slog up the north of Little Cockcairn which he had to suffer.
Gentle run (and walking) out to the track up Little Cockcairn from the west.
The old land-rover track between the lower slopes of Little Cockcairn and Tom Giubhais leaves the track at NO460 906 but is virtually impossible to find from here. Once up on Little Cockcairn you can come off the top to the north and head for (roughly) NO464 911 to the west of the heather-burn to pick up the track all the way to Tom Giubhais. Its good(ish) running most of the way, though wet, and at least you are down-hilling through the heathery bits.

Warning: The track south of the Allachy bridge (Tuesday long run) is temporarily closed since there is a male capercaillie claiming territorial rights over it. There is a sign by the parking meter (which we didn’t see – honest) and another closing the path. Coming out of (or going into) Tom Giubhais and fording the river near the rickety bridge technically takes you via the closed path for about thirty metres. We did see said bird and apologised profusely for any disturbance.

photo 1: View of Clachan Yell from Little Cockcairn
photo 2: On Tom Guibhais (Evelyn seems to have acquired some victor’s laurels)

Excellent route around Tom Guibhais, Little Cock Cairn & Baudy Meg, on a lovely still afternoon

Wed 18th March
A lovely afternoon out in Glentanar. Bike to the gateway before Fairy Loch and changed to running shoes.
Run the first section of the long Tue night run, past the first of the ‘2 stone bridges’, go past the hut about 3-400m, look out for very shaky footbridge. Alternative ford crossing a little further on. Across the burn (Water of Allachy), look for landrover track heading up the hill directly to Tom Guibhais. Not much of a cairn there to mark the top.

Then follow track off to south towards the steep track up to Little Cock Cairn. This track gets a little indistinct for short sections, but then reappears after crossing the Birken Burn. Slog up to Little Cock Cairn – where the cairn is not on the top; the top is marked with a few boulders lying low, a little further to the east.

Then follow track eastwards to the Grouse Butts and when it turns sharply to the south, strike off across the heather, following a contour initially, then descend diagonally to where the Burn of Monrae meets the track. Then follow the track all the way to Baudy Meg. There was some lovely evening sunshine through the Glens to admire, before heading downwards across the heather to pick up the track once again. Descend down the woodland track back to the bike. 19.5 Km, 800m of total climb, about 2.5 hours running time.

GPX file for the route: