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57. Gathering Cairn NO 423 886

Mt Keen

Ran up Glen Tanar and on up the Mounth up onto the top of Mt Keen. Dropped down to the col between Keen and Braid Cairn and made a traversing line through the heather on to Gathering Cairn. Dropped down to the track that drops into the Water of Gairney valley. Here it was a choice between relieving tried legs and the desire to get another cp. The cp won and I dropped down to cross the Gairney rising up the other side about 50m before setting off into the heather to reach Tom Guibhais. The track wan’t particular well defined until you passed the top, and I found the link back to the main track different to the map meaning I had to ford 2 rivers instead of just the 1. All in 18 miles, a bit longer than I expected, and some very wet feet.

Worst land management on Deeside?

28/04/15 From Redburn headed up onto Culblean Hill to bag cps 68 and 67. Hoped that the run would raise my spirits, but unfortunately it just got me really cross. This hillside could be wonderful (the reserve next door is) but instead it’s been bulldozed with hideous tracks and burnt to a crisp. AND THE LANDOWNERS GET AWAY WITH IT. Grr. Remind me not to bother next time.


Up the glen by bike on another beautiful afternoon. Leaving the bike near the footbridge, I headed up the Mt Keen track, then branched off to climb Gathering Cairn. My late start meant no time for the Quartz Cliff, so that will have to wait. Wildlife included black and red grouse, lapwing, curlew, wheatear, ring ouzel, goldcrest and grey wagtail, plus a couple of adders.

Gathering Cairn – Mountain bike and hill run Duathlon

Sat 4th April
A great bike ride up Glentanar to the steel footbridge – 1 hour from Aboyne 400 metre climb up to Gathering Cairn, great views all around. Attempted to head over to the Quartz cliff but ran out of time.
Back down for the down-glen bike ride home, thankfully somewhat kinder on the legs – 45 mins return ride. Warren & Sam R

Gathering Cairn

With a day of sunshine forecast, this was a day for a long outing utilising our bikes. Parked at Glen Tanar hall and cycled in to where the Mounth Road crosses the Water of Tanar by way of the footbridge. Changed into running shoes and left bikes behind to pick up the track over Cock Cairn and on up to the Gathering Cairn itself. A straightforward climb with only the last couple of hundred metres through the heather and boulders.

Photo: From the Gathering Cairn with Mount Keen in background.