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56. Quartz Cliff NO 388 882

The Quartz Cliff

I decided to approach from Glen Muick because I hadn’t been that way before, and because I hoped I wouldn’t disturb the peregrines nesting there by being on the opposite slope. I started from Aultonrea, the deer farm. I headed over towards Glen Tanar in decent weather thinking I would be on my own, so imagine my surprise when I came upon a large band of gamekeepers taking part in a shooting competition. I recognised a few of them, particularly one Francis Duguid, who does this in his spare time. I reached the cliff soon after, and after some time, managed to spot the peregrine falcons high up on the cliff face. I also saw common and mistle thrushes, robin, skylark, meadow pipit, two blackcock, red grouse, raven, willow warbler and goldcrest. It was good to get back to the challenge.

Quartz cliff with a gem of a waterfall on the way

Sat 18th April
Hidden Gems – after cycling up Glentanar, past the ruined Shiel, parked up bikes to jog the remainder – just crossing the Tanar to go up ‘Alt Deas’ there is a superb waterfall to the right.

Then a clamber up the Alt Deas glen and the Quartz cliff suddenly appears behind the rising ground to the left

Met Eric, the Ranger, on the way up – he asked us to watch out for Peregrines, and not to disturb them for long – saw a pair, and Eric was very happy to have them confirmed when we saw him again on our way out.


One from a while back- Abandoned my bike ride after 5 min due to snow and ran up crannach instead. Headed up the track to the east and doubled back to the summit (ie the normal route). Followed the ridge south then dropped down to the west, through rock infested heather (slightly better than the descent to the east) and followed a nice wee path back to the car via the firing range. 

Quartz Cliff

Our third point of the day and we are getting tired. Came back on the track from Cairn Leuchan to the footbridge and then, by way of various trods made our way around into the bowl below the cliff. Although there had only been a light wind all day, it got even quieter as we entered the bowl ane we sat with our backs to the cliff for quite a while taking in the solitude.
More thrashing through heather to get back around towards Glen Tanar to pick up our bikes for the (mostly) freewheeling ride back.