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Day Out visiting old quarry.

Been working hard, for me, so not visited any points for a while but fine weather today so got the running gear on and back out. Target was The “Quartz Cliff”

Strange how official missnaming of things winds me up. The words “Quartz Cliff” excite me on several levels and having been surprised I couldn’t spot it on visiting the spectacular Linn of Tanar waterfall, which does not even make the 1:50,000 map (which partially explains why I hadn’t deviated to visit it before but I strongly recommend). Well a Cliff to me is a naturally occurring feature wheras man made rock walls are what I call Quarries. I have nothing against quarries, infact those of us who like bolt climbing spend far too much time in quarries. What most have in common is they are unattractive holes in the ground. Cliffs on the other hand are natural features with a certain beauty.

The Allt Deag feature maybe quartz but is a QUARRY and not very pretty. If it was 20mins from the road I might go and climb there, but it isn’t, so I doubt I will ever revisit this quarry. Oh and it is pretty ugly.

Ah well was a sunny day and Cairn Leuchan and Pannanich Hill Trig point were great, as always. Apart from the lack of Path around the Ho of Glenmuick. Ah well a small price…