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Head over heels about Loch nan Stuirteag

(Tuesday 26th May)

After visiting Wells of Dee we took a look at the route over to Stuirteag. We knew that this is difficult to reach from the eastern end so thought it worth the effort of trying from the west. Its mostly easy going with not a bit of heather in sight but there are bouldery bits, wet bits and (currently) snow to keep you awake.
The loch was very easy to get down to although we had to walk all the way around to reach the outflow (official challenge position)
Back into a headwind to reach the tricky descent into Glen Einich and our bikes for the cycle out to Colyumbridge.
Unfortunately I misjudged a corner and went over the top, landing heavily. Bruised ribs and a dead arm mean that today (Wednesday), Ev has had to take me for cake at the Inscriach Nursery and Tearoom – voted one of UK top ten for cakes.

Looking down on Loch nan Stuirteag
The ouflow
Cake at Inscriach

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