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Blowing a hoolie part 3. (or how close is close enough?)

Well I have been out on windy days but today was “WINDY”

Plan went pretty well up to a point. Uphill as for Mount Keen but went upstream up into the wind and tking the left branch of the track up The water of Tanner to the Linn of Tanar which I must say I had not heard of but is truely impressive. Continued upstream but was off map395 by now so was just looking for a quartz cliff. River was too big to cross so wondered upn a fine little valley but no cliff so back downstream.

Part 2 was stay on the track that leads up to the Gathering Cairn, This can best be described as tricky when constantly being battered by the wind. The track reduced to foot path but more or less led to the cairn. From there down to the grouse buts below Clachen Yell and the track down to Glen Tannar and the Van.