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Princess Royal’s Cairn

A regular destination of mine as a minor extension to the Clan “Tartan Trek” which was last Saturday, and alas clashed with the Ben Lomand race. Jacqui went and said there was a good turnout and the half way house whisky was a pleasure. Today was a locgical day to do the Trek, albiet on my own and the sun shone and the throne just south of the Cairn is a fine place to meditate.

This time 5mins or so after the way ignores the left turn, which goes to the wier but takes the nect right. Thtrack goes for 100m or so to where a small path heads left. This traverses round the hill NW direction, past a few dead ends but improves up and rightwards direct to the cairn whch makes a fine challenge to touch the fine capping stone.

Losing height head SW to point 451 which has the Throne. Descend easily through the trees past a small cliff, not quite good enough to carry a rope for, and join the track at it’s hghest point.(now with a small cairn to mark the turn off point for future tickers ). The track loses height quickly due east past a Quarry and back to the wee hoose.