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9. Lochan Uaine (middle) NO 003 980

My third Lochan Uaine!

Mon 2nd Nov
Cycled in to turn off for Gleann Luibeg (8k), then a 5k run/walk following the stream up to Lochan Uaine, snuggled into the cliffs below Ben MacDui. Another brilliant day with great views. Returned on higher ground to pick up the track down from Sron Riach – then a fast run back to the bike. 25k total, in about 4 hours.

Pano of the Loch – with a shadow selfie!

The view down Gleann Luibeg from Lochan Uaine

Training for Glencoe Skyline.

And after a break back to revisiting CP’s, the 4th in a week but the first new one.Finally managed a classic rock climb and a checkpoint albeit a pretty damp climb.The Midges will maybe delay future outings until the snow arrives.



Tour around Derry Cairngorm

Tuesday 21st July

Taking advantage of a “scattered showers forecast” we set off to visit the three water points around Derry Cairngorm.
Parked bikes at Derry lodge and off on foot up Glen Derry until we came abreast of cp13. With so much rain recently, the burn was quite full and we gave up attempting a dry crossing and just waded across knee deep. Stiff climb up to the lovely lochan.
Didn’t want to retrace our watery steps back down to the track so contoured around (bouldery) until we could drop down to the Hutchison Hut.
Quick energy gel and on up the track to Etchachan. Very windy and exposed at the top so we didn’t stop but carried on up the south westerly track which eventually leads to Ben Macdui.
Planned to turn off this track and head down into Glen Lui the but got a bit mesmerised with the good track vs boulders and stuck on track too long. After a bit of re-orientation we got sorted out and found our way way down to the head of the stream at NO009995.
Very bouldery ground again as we headed down and then up to our third cp.
From here there is still a long way to go to get out and with the ground very wet we were slipping about and getting very tired. Eventually passed Luibeg bridge on our right and  back to our bikes for the easy pedal back to the car.

A long day, windier than expected but at least it never rained after all, and three more points bagged



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