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50. Fox Cairn NJ 287 028

A Foxy run

Sat 13th June
A lovely loop, following directions from Nick – cross the Gairnshiel bridge & follow track in off the road, follow the road out for about 1k to track opposite Shenval. Follow track up towards Coire an tSlugain, with about 0.5 k through heather on deer tracks to ‘the notch’. Up to the summit for the point, then south along the ridge to the actual ‘Fox Cairn’. Great views of Glen Gairn below.

Then descend via burn to the west, and along track to bridge at Tullochmacarrick.

Onwards to my 50th point at Cnoc Chalmac – in the drizzle, so no photo….
Back to the road via Rineten, after finding a private crypt in the woods to SE of Cnoc Chalmac.
Very nice circuit.

Snow at 500m line at Gairnshiel

After our day out in Gairnshiel with Dave and Kathy on Saturday we still had two cp to do in the area. Weather is looking very showery and blustery but we decide to go out anyway.
Parked at Shenval and up the track, forking left at the split. At 500m it starts to snow and we take shelter (a bit) in a ditch for 15 minutes. Resume climb to the 600m line (where track fizzles out anyway) and head across heather towards Fox Cairn. It looks like we have a difficult gulley to cross but there are a couple of small tracks and we get up onto the hill quite easily. A fence and gate guide us to the cairn.
A quick photo in the wind and then back to the car and onto Geallaig Hill.

1 Fox Cairn
2 Geallaig Hill

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The Don, Gairn, Builig and Avon Rivers in a Day !

This was going to be a long day and so it proved.

Set off on the bike from Strathdon and on the main road to Corgarff where I took the Old Military road up to the main road dropping down to Gairnshiel and then onto the track alongside the Gairn. Dumping the bike at appropriate spots and putting on the running shoes I went up Cnoc Chalmac and the Foxs Cairn before jumping back on the bike to Loch Builig – following the Builig Burn into Glen Avon before coming back round and out at Corgarff.
Good bike, great scenery and avoided the rain !

No good news for one mountain hare

The media has been full of a story about mountain hares thriving on grouse moors. I must say I haven’t noticed this on any challenges I’ve done on grouse moors so far. No surprise that the story was written by a gamekeeper. Up on Fox Cairn today I came upon the hare in the photo, killed by a snare. I saw four that were still alive, as well as a blackcock, two golden plovers, a few meadow pipits and a raven. Views were very poor due to rain and low cloud.

Glen Gairn

Parked at the Geallaig race start and headed for Fox Cairn first. We headed up a slight valley to reach the top directly then followed path to cairn. Cnoc Chalmac was next then joined track until Katie managed to persuade me to turn off the lovely track just before the bridge and head through the heather to Tom Breac, it was a trudge with little running until very top. Good views and lovely descent to An Creagan. We considered adding Geallaig but concluded we would tick this one at the summer handicap. Photo shows Katie and Coogie on Tom Breac.

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