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44. Linn of Muick NO 332 895

Glen Muick

Whilst Sarah and Jon were putting my eldest through her orienteering paces, I took Carys up the Muick road to collect a couple of easier cps. The Cairns of Cul nan Gad were surrounded by roaring Stags in the mist, meanwhile the Linn of Muick was in full force post the previous nights rain. Finished off with an essential Hot Chocolate at the Bothy!

Snake in the Grass on Glen Muick tour

Inspired by Warren’s post, we set off to do the four cp tour of lower Glen Muick.
Parked at Mill of Sterin and up via the tracks as far as possible on the Coyles, then into the trees to reach the Cairn/Coyles themselves.
Took a bit of time to decide on a route to Craig Megan and finally decided on south-west from the Coyles to reach the ridge up Craig Megan (we were initially tempted to go down to the deer fence and up the face of Craig Megan but decided it looked too rocky). On the way over we spotted this adder, first we’ve ever seen in the wild. After Craig Megan it was a good run down to the river and a cold crossing in fairly fast moving water. On to the Cairns and back before making our way along to the Linn of Muick and back to the car.

1 – Coyles looking back to Cairn
2 – Adder
3 – From Craig Megan looking into Glen Muick
4 – Cul nan Gad looking back to Coyles
5 – Linn of Muick

Glen Muick 18k tour

Sun 19th April
Excellent run up Coyles of Muick, through the woods – great views from the top.

Then onward to Craig Megan with the snow on Lochnagar peeking out of the cloud. Massive herd of red deer cleared out of the way for me….

Then down towards Inchnabobart, following the many deer tracks. Wade across the river, in the shallows just downstream from Inchnabobart.

On up the track to Cul nan Gad for a brief look back up to Loch Muick

Descending off the hill onto the road, down to the waterfall at Linn of Muick

Finishing off down the road back to the car at Mill of Stern.

Great ramble around Glen Muick! – about 18km.

Glorious Glen Muick

Headed out on the bike for a loop from the S Deeside road over via the Girnock to Glen Muick and back by Birkhall. Abandoned the bike in Glen Muick for a quick nip up Creag Megan on foot, before continuing on down past the Linn of Muick. Glorious day to be out.

CP collecting up Glen Muick

Unlike Peter and Dave H’s duathlon, my duathlon of these points was driving and then walking, my excuse was it was a family outing. Walk up Allt Darrarie was interesting but we must have walked straight past the illicit still and didn’t realise it was there despite noticing rocks with numbers written on them. We really liked The Cairns of Cul nan Gad because there is a great view for minimal effort. Even less effort was the Linn of Muick as we parked the car right next to the cp!

Linn of Muick

Parked South East of the falls of Muick, then walked along the road and down the very wet and slippery bank. Big drops into the Muick at some points. The views from this side are quite spectacular , previously always looked from the other side of the river.

Sent from my Fire

the duathlon to end all duathlons


Biked up to Loch Muick with Pete, calling on the Falls of Muick and Cul nan Gad on the way. From the road end we ran up the Allt Darrarie, which is a nice spot and a lovely run back down. Fast bike down to Ballater and a slow run up Craigendarroch. Then coffee in the Bothy, by which I mean cake. Easy points from then on – Tullich shooting range only about 10 mins, monument only 3, River Dee about 15, boardwalk 7, bit longer up the Vat Burn – didn’t really know where the point was even though I chose it, so just went up until we ran out of clliffs and took the high path back. Finally only 8 mins to the mouth of the Logie Burn, which was very quiet and peaceful though it was getting a bit dark by then. 62km on the bike in 2 hours 20, 20 km run in 2.10, 20 mins in the coffee shop and a not inconsiderable time changing shoes.

Linn of Muick

Cycled from the house to the Linn of Muick waterfall this afternoon. There was plenty of water in it, a creamy colour like the head on a beer. Saw a few Long Tailed Tits. Got home a bit damp and muddy but never mind I need the exercise. . .

Coyles of Muick

Well a pleasant morning going twice to The”Forrest”, as the Vat has been named by the superstar. Not climbing just clearing stuff up near the cliffs and hard to beleive I came home and went back. Of course weather was ok and I had forgotten something I needed.

Alas the weather did not Hold . I have probably been up to the Spittal of Glen Muick more than 50 times enroute to the Dubh Loch and Lochnagar, but never stopped to spy the falls, and must say they were impressive today.The Coyles could best be described as cold and wet so little time was speant on the tops.


Slippin’ and a Slidin’ Part 2

Second attempt, with an extra square bracket. This may be another musical reference, but I don’t think I know it myself, so no prizes. I decided to cycle up to the Linn of Muick via Birkhall, but this might have been a mistake, as the road was snowy and ( worse) very icy in parts. I managed to part company with the bike on three occasions, but, as I was only travelling at about two miles an hour, did not come to any harm. The Linn was, as always, spectacular, but the sun was way above me before I reached it. I saw a couple of buzzards and two great spotted woodpeckers along the way. I had to stop for the photo on the way back down. Is there anything more beautiful than a pine tree in the sunlight?