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43. Craig Megan NO 317 898

Craig Megan

On 1st August when some of you were at Newtonmore games and others were at Aboyne games, I ran from the house down Glen Girnock in lovely sunny, but a bit chilly weather. I was planning on crossing the river Girnock at the ford and going up the shoulder of Craig Megan. Before I got across the river it started to rain, the sky blackened and Lochnagar disappeared from view. I got very wet very quickly and only had a windproof with me. I turned and ran home.

2nd attempt.
4th August. I cycled from the house, down the Glen Muick track to Inchnabobart where I stashed the bike. I headed up Craig of Inchnabobart as it had looked really nice from the Cairns of Cul nan Gad. Craig Megan was further away than I thought. Though this hill had looked like it might be dry, it was covered with tarns and the whole place seemed to be floating. To make it worse the heather was long and lank. Before I descended off this hill, Loch Muick disappeared behind a curtain of rain. I came down and followed the plantation back to my bike.

3rd attempt
8th August. Again I cycled down the Glen Muick track. Not too far beyond the Linn of Muick waterfall there is a five bar gate across the track. Turn off there onto a track into the trees. In there I stashed my bike. There is an obvious gap in the plantation where you can follow a deer trod to go up Craig Megan. The heather is short and the going is easy. I was pleasantly surprised how lovely it was up there. I did go to the other end of it while I was there and came across a herd of stags.

Snake in the Grass on Glen Muick tour

Inspired by Warren’s post, we set off to do the four cp tour of lower Glen Muick.
Parked at Mill of Sterin and up via the tracks as far as possible on the Coyles, then into the trees to reach the Cairn/Coyles themselves.
Took a bit of time to decide on a route to Craig Megan and finally decided on south-west from the Coyles to reach the ridge up Craig Megan (we were initially tempted to go down to the deer fence and up the face of Craig Megan but decided it looked too rocky). On the way over we spotted this adder, first we’ve ever seen in the wild. After Craig Megan it was a good run down to the river and a cold crossing in fairly fast moving water. On to the Cairns and back before making our way along to the Linn of Muick and back to the car.

1 – Coyles looking back to Cairn
2 – Adder
3 – From Craig Megan looking into Glen Muick
4 – Cul nan Gad looking back to Coyles
5 – Linn of Muick

Glen Muick 18k tour

Sun 19th April
Excellent run up Coyles of Muick, through the woods – great views from the top.

Then onward to Craig Megan with the snow on Lochnagar peeking out of the cloud. Massive herd of red deer cleared out of the way for me….

Then down towards Inchnabobart, following the many deer tracks. Wade across the river, in the shallows just downstream from Inchnabobart.

On up the track to Cul nan Gad for a brief look back up to Loch Muick

Descending off the hill onto the road, down to the waterfall at Linn of Muick

Finishing off down the road back to the car at Mill of Stern.

Great ramble around Glen Muick! – about 18km.

Glorious Glen Muick

Headed out on the bike for a loop from the S Deeside road over via the Girnock to Glen Muick and back by Birkhall. Abandoned the bike in Glen Muick for a quick nip up Creag Megan on foot, before continuing on down past the Linn of Muick. Glorious day to be out.

Sunshine on Craig Megan

Dan and I left Mill of Sterin and ran up to the locked deer gate, cut through the woods up Craig Megan, dropped down to the gully and up the Coyles of Muick and returned down through the woods to the start. Lovely warm morning run [tag Clare W, Dan W]

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Craig Megen

Up the Birkhall side of Glen Muick by bike until I reached the open ground. Then I left the bike and headed up through the trees round the side of the capercaillie fence. No path on the hill, but short and burnt heather. Great views from the summit on a beautiful morning, with previous challenge Coyles of Muick on one side and future challenge Caisteal na Caillich on the other. Only a black grouse on the hill but lots of red deer.

Deep Rocky Heather

Marie and I set off from the gate by Loch Ulachie through the forest and onto the path that skirts the ridge up to the Coyles. Still some fresh snow from last night, but it was quickly melting leaving a lovely wet slush. From the Coyles we headed south west making a pretty straight line down then back up through deep rocky heather onto Craig Megan. From here we headed North (more deep rocky heather) to cross the Girnock river which has some convenient stepping stones just where the track meets the river on the other side. We followed the track to the disused farmhouse at Camlet before a sharp ascent onto Sgor an h-lolaire. Skies had cleared and we had a lovely decent along the ridge towards Creag nam Ban. At the col we descended through more deep rocky heather, crossing the bog and then up more deep rocky heather onto Creag Ghiubhais. This was finished by, guess what, even more deep rocky heather as we dropped back down to the Girnock river. The final mile on the road was somewhat of a relief.

I think we can definitely say that we have had sufficient heather bashing training for the Mountain Marathon, I might be quite disappointed if there is none!