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29. Meall Gorm NO 184 946

Trek up through the woods and loop to Fog House

Sat 29th August
Following Donald’s suggestion, parked on roadside south of Meall Alvie and did the steep ascent straight up through the woods. It was slow going! Descending, had to go down NW shoulder, as N face was way too steep. Onto vehicle track and then took footpath over towards Meall Gorm. Excellent view off N side to Glen Feardar. Descended SW to vehicle track and then S back towards Invercauld House. The Fog House is a lovely surprise, great for a short excursion & picnic, but I didn’t have one that day! Return via Keiloch and cycle trail, crossed road & followed river path until it ran out; back on to road for a few 100m to the car.

Meall Gorm

Continued on the Yellow and orange route then the Yellow route ,to Meall Gorm cut up across the Heather for the final climb amongst newly planted trees with about a 50% survival rate and about a 100% of the survivors having been nibbled . Finished a bag of sweets of all my non favourite colours ,tasted really good!

Sent from my Fire

Invercauld again

I had intended to get on the high ground today, but low cloud and poor visibility changed my mind, and I headed for Meall Gorm, at Invercauld. This was a simple bike approach from the Keiloch, going up the Bealach Dearg road to get round Craig Leek, Leaving the bike by the track at the drystane dyke, I went up through open heather, although a lot of trees have been recently planted. No great views, but plenty of atmosphere. Birds included swallow, house martin, jay, blue tit, blackbird, song thrush, mistle thrush, siskin, crossbill, redstart, wren, great spotted woodpecker, spotted flycatcher, robin and buzzard.

Glorious Glen Fearder

10/6/15We ran from Aberarder up onto Meall Gorm from the south side then dropped down into Glen Fearder through some steep and rough stuff before crossing the burn and climbing up to Auchtavan . This is one of my favourite parts of Deeside and the botany and wildlife didn’t let us down today. I almost trod on an owl which took off from under a tree by my feet and we also saw red deer and mountain hare too. There are loads of alpine flowers in the limestone rock slabs near the top of Meall Gorm if you approach the summit from the ridge to the east.

Its such a perfect day

Followed DaveH lead in combining these three cps but did the route in the reverse direction. The Fog House is somewhere we haven’t been before and we had a great view on a hot sunny day. Meall Gorm was a bit of a struggle up through the newly planted trees but when we stopped for a breather we had a fine view over to Braemar. The run down from Meall Gorm, initially heather, eventually picks up a lovely grassy track for a fine run over to the hut at Felagie. That just leaves Meall Alvie which is simply to be described as “a tough climb”.

Photo 1 – Fog House in the sunshine
Photo 2 – View from Meall Gorm west to Braemar
Photo 3 – A very small cairn on Meall Alvie. To be found between some peaty puddles and a drystane dyke

3 from Keiloch

Just about recovered from being dead in the water at the end of yesterday’s run, so went for a walk up Meal Gorm from Keiloch. Very easy walking on a path nearly all the way, just a bit of heather at the end. There are a lot of newly planted trees on the slopes of the hill, particularly on the direct route down that we took. Had lunch at the Fog House, which is a lovely spot. By the time we had got almost back to the car, the sun came out so we added Meall Alvie, just because we could. Follow the path marked on the map, then head straight to the top. It is very steep.

Clear skies

A rare day in which the house was left in cloud to have clear skies on hill and the driving back in heavy snow. Alas did circuit wrong way round as first slope up N sde of Crag Leek was great snow where as from there to Meall Gorm could best be descibed as interesting. But only 1 fall. And have almost fpr given the dogs from running of for 30mins at the start resulting in no tme for drink on the summit.