Carnferg and Brackloch

Started from Newmill carpark and up the mapped track to Carnferg. The forecast had been for clearer weather coming through mid afternoon but we had face-stinging hail as we left the shelter of the trees and didn’t hang around on the top.
Came off north-west via Pete’s (described by DaveH). This took us very easily down to the trees to pick up the good track round towards Brackloch. Got as close as we could on track (just at bend where stream comes under track via pipe) before going up through the heather. Cairn was a bit hidden but eventually found. Not much of a view but the two cp’s make a nice route together.
Retraced route back to track and down through Newmill to road.
Photo: D nearing the trig on Carnferg.
Photo: At the cairn on Brackloch

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