Blowing a Hooley part 2

Must be honest happy to follow in the footsteps of the local superstars, and forecast was good for Wednesday so off I went. Well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad and not a cloud in the sky and sub zero at road level looked great for Wednesday. What I hadn’t listened for was the gale force winds. Ah well was a planning anything tricky so off I went. The snow was bullet hard and not too steep so easy to skin up. Point 24 was soon reached and the pic was snapped as I struggled to stay standing. I probably should have gone down for a hot chocolate but sense did not prevail.

Half way along the plateau I stopped to put on a layer, not clever as cag, a glove and hat disappeared with the wind. Rucsac was packed and I headed down hill blown by the wind. First the glove then the cag were found bit no sign of the hat! ah well 2 out of 3 not bad! The hat was soon on the head and the winter gloves were on and soon the summit was reached. Thinking of ticking the loch for point 26 was soon dismissed and my tracks were slowly reversed (into the wind now). The slopes ere reached and a fine ski got me down to the roads. I do like the locals as first car stopped to offer me a lift which i declined as only 100 yards from the van.