Beinn Lutharn Mhor Part II

For some reason Skiing up Beinn Lutharn Mhor and down the NE ridge quite appealed as a fine combination of training (ie a long approach) s good looking NE facing slope and a hill I had not been up for close to 10 years. The first attempt failed as the parking was too snowed in so the post snow forwecast of a nice day today could not be wasted. All went well, with nice views , landrover tracks for first 5k then clean snow to the Altanour Lodge. Quick break where I could not help but notice the clouds coming in.

Fom the lodge irt quickly steepened so opted to carry the skis and check slope for snow quality..and was good. Alas the same could not be said of the weather.m Visibility down to <10m, and very strong winds. Always an optimist skis were put on as angle eased and a long plod fighting the gale to the summit. Zero view and rain was now falling. Quick tea then off down. Luck had found good snow all the way down but lack of visibility and wind resulted in very gentle skiing. Ah well, the angle eased and I opted for the direct back to the lodge. Skins put back on and the reurn plod was an eye opener re the speed the snow was going but was pleased to get back to the car at 5. I waved at the colonel’s bed which was buried in snow.

Not quite a fine day but back safe and sound