Back in Aberarder

The forecast said dull and 9 degrees, but it was sunny and warm as I headed back up to Aberarder to climb Leac Ghorm. The approach is similar to Auchtavan, but you go straight on at the turn off for the ancient farm. Round the corner, look for a pile of boulders and a dead sheep, There, I found a track, not marked on the map, which connects the two tracks on the map and heads straight up the hill. From the upper, now disused track, it is an easy climb over short, recently burnt heather to the top. Great views again from the summit, particularly over the Auchtavan farmland towards the Cairngorms. I saw a buzzard, a few black grouse, some wheatears, a great spotted woodpecker, song and mistle thrushes and a pair of greylag geese.