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CP97 Ord More

Derek &Evelyn

Bit chilly this morning but forecast for 10C so we layered up for the downhill and ride over to Craiglash quarry and entry to Ord More. Carried our Inov-8s for the walk in. Almost a spring day when we got back to the bikes so we stripped back to cycling shorts for the climb home and gave the white knees and legs a chance to soak up some vitamin D.

CP66 Crannach Hill

Derek & Evelyn
Well the planned route was OK but poorly executed as I took us too high, too early after crossing the Culsten burn. Long traverse in horrible Heather and boulders to correct. But made it eventually. Straight descent onto the track (stream today). Slow down the track as there were a lot of branches brought down onto the track by the snow and we cleared them all the way back to the burn.

Tomnaverie Stone Circle

CP81 Tomnaverie Stone Circle
Derek & Evelyn
Our first bike ride of 2021.  With the Rudolph Challenge in December, the 2021 Challenge kicking off in January and all the snow recently, this is our first time out on our bikes since November.  There are a few Challenge points like this which are accessible by road bike so we can use them as a gentle start.Lots of snow-melt water on the roads and a few seriously big and deep potholes.  Eyes open.


CP 43. Ursula and Barney. Taking a loop in an anti-clockwise direction, using left turns we ended up back where we started which was at Rebreck house.