Accidental CPs

I had a free day yesterday so under Andy’s instructions I did km intervals in the morning before going for a long walk with my Mum. We had planned to go up Derry Cairngorm but as the weather wasn’t great decided to stay out of the clouds and do a low level walk. We ended up starting at the Keiloch car park and walking up to the Slugain ruin and on through the upper reaches of the Gairn. Over the shoulder of Culardoch and back to Invercauld House. It was only when I was out for a jog round Loch Kinord this afternoon I thought about the challenge points and wondered if any were on our route. I was pleased to find I had got two without even trying. If I had checked the map before we set off I would have taken my Mum on a little detour to the fog house at Invercauld on our way back but will have to save that one for another day.