A slow and therefore long circuit of Ben Avon

A long day in which was not clear wheter Gaba, one of our Dogs or myself were most tired. I was definately waiting for him on the way down and he ignored a large herd of deer croosing just in front of us. Training coming good? Well cycled up to Slugan Ruin, a regular jaunt on route to the many rock and ice venues on Beinn a’Bhuird. A short steep push then cycled on tp the substantial new drain. From there headed to new ground for me up To Creag an Dael Beag. a fine spot made supurb by an eagle. Steep scree was then followed up to the rifge over two Muntoe tops to the summit of Leabaidh an Dambh Bhuidhe. a fine summit with once again thick mist.

A good path leeds down and would normally take you back to the bikes. But the drive to tick cp19 led me to traverse horizontally SW, over several rivers to eventually get to Dubh Lochan, which memmory tells me is a fine situation but was struggling for motivation as not obvious which was best way and much much time was wasted.