A pleasant Sunday stroll

Following Duncan’s lead, we set out to try for the four Ben Avon points, albeit by a different route. Quite a challenge.
Parked at Braenaloin (Gairnshiel) and cycled up the Gairn to Loch Builg and turned left until we came to the old footbridge where we left the bikes. It was a straightforward cycle but into a headwind and conserving energy for the rest of the day, it took us about 1:45hrs.
From here there is an unmarked 4X4 track giving easy access towards Carn Drochaid.
A path, good at times, faint at times, leads on to Clach Choutsaich and the Ben Avon plateau. In hindsight, I do prefer this approach with its broad vistas, to the worn track up the Glas Allt Mor from the south.
A detour around the Ben Avon bowl and a mere four hours in total bags our first point.
Down by the Glas Allt Mor and leave the path at Clach a Cleirich to contour round to cp19 Dubh Lochan.
Continue south to NO116967 and a decision required as to whether to do an out and back to Slugain ruin or directly back to our bikes via upper Glen Gairn.
We were tired but decided four points are better than three. Easy jog down and back and then took stony track across to cp22.
Very glad to be back at our bikes about 8pm and the tailwind gave an easy one hour bike back to the car.
A very long but worthwhile day.

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