Cambus Canters

Cambus Canters is an informal series of 6 time trials held each year from April to September with the aims of documenting and encouraging individual progress and of identifying the most improved Deeside Runner of the year.

Cambus Canters has been running since 2000.  Initially following a “normal” race format this was adjusted in 2003 to a handicap format, which has been followed every year since.

The Cambus Canters handicap system is obvious to those of us who have taken part regularly, but for the uninitiated a brief explanation of how Cambus works follows below.

It is a series of six 4.2 Km handicap races, held on the first Thursday of each month from April to September.  Based on your running history, the handicapper will give you an initial predicted time which you have to try to beat.  Runners are set off on a staggered basis according to their predicted time (slowest first) – so everyone should finish together.  Actual finish places indicate who has run faster than their predicted time and points are awarded on finishing order.  If you run faster, this becomes your new handicap for next month. So overall the series favours the most improved runners through the year rather than the fastest.

First home is awarded 50 points, second gets 49 and so on.  The overall winner at the end of the season is the runner with the highest score calculated from their best 4 results out of the six possible runs.

The most improved Deeside Runner also gets a very nice Capercaillie trophy to look after for 12 months.

The Cambus Canters route starts from the Forestry Commission car park at Cambus O’May (on the north side of the A93 about 2.5 miles east of Ballater – near to the Riverside Cottage cafe) and follows the yellow way marked “Pine Tree Trail” in a clockwise direction. A map of the trail can be found in the car park.  Further information on the location of the car park and the “Pine Tree Trail” can be found on the Forestry Commission site at and a simple map can also be found on the walkhighlands site which refers to the route as the “Pinewood Trail”.

First runner off at 7:00pm, 


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