Thursday 19th May 2016 at 7.30pm from Tarland.

Seniors (16 on the day and over) 9.5km, 450m climb. Juniors (12-15) 5km, 165m climb.

Entry fee £2.50 seniors, 50p juniors.

Records: Male 40.19, Harry Smith (Deeside) 2014, Female 47.33, Steph Provan (Deeside) 2014.


A new race in 2014, and the first in the Cosmics + Deeside Summer series. Up and back by the same route, it’s a tough climb but the paths are good so it is a fast race. The route will be marked. Great views of Deeside for those in less of a hurry. There are three nearby car parks: in the woods opposite the road to the start (car park 1 on the map), in the estate yard on the left just down this road (car park 2 on the map), and by the estate offices (car park 3 on the map). Please only use this one if the others are full. If all three are full park in the village.

If you think you will be coming to the race it would be very helpful if you could register in advance here. This is free and does not imply any commitment, but will speed up the registration process Pay when you collect your number


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  1. derek

    I will be in Tarland and might join the race. Do I have to pre-book or just turn up?




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