Interesting Lochnagar

From Loch Muick cp up tourist route to col below the ladder, drop to Lochnagar loch outlet (cp 100) then up the NE ridge to the summit. Strong wind turned into vicious gusting gale on the climb from the loch, almost taking us off our feet and blowing us uphill onto rocks. V glad of full waterproof (as well as windproof running top) and gloves. All a bit exciting for a while. Decided to return by Glas Allt to drop out of the wind asap. Really struggling on the climb today – just no energy in my legs to work – but downhill felt ok.
Never underestimate Lochnagar. I’ve had too many "interesting" times up there.

4 thoughts on “Interesting Lochnagar

  1. Lakiesha

    ye.. emang ane bilang kalo ente bukan orang bae2 (thinking)oya ada yg kelaaggntin..:D, kalo rapot gw tulisannya bukan tingkatkan prestasimu tapi pertahankan prestasimu.. )iye, barusan liat td di profile cuma SMP sama SMAnya aja yg sama

  2. http://www./

    wir essen nur noch kalt und den kaffee setzen wir mit kaltem wasser in der wärmflasche an, nehmen diese mit ins bett und morgens ist der kaffee dann durch die körpertemperatur warm. licht brauchen wir auch nicht denn wenn es dunkel wird gehen wir ins bett. wir sind quasi ein nicht subventionierter niedrigenergie haushalt. ja rwe da staunste, wat?

  3. http://www./

    Oh Anders. ;_________; He is my favorite, I was dreading this episode. So many bad asses on this show though, man, it warms the cockles of my heart~ ALSO. This post is brilliance. I totally support your relationship with BSG, Mark.


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