90 Green Hill, Blue skies, perfect.

Second leg of our out and back from home via 89
From top of Benaquhallie follow land-rover track east along drystane wall and then bear right to follow contour line around Red Hill.
At NJ 611 092 you cross the track coming up from Upper Broomhill.
You reach a plantation of larch, upper section of which has been felled. Keep following tracks, now north, until NJ 618 098 fenceline. Turn east and you getting easily runnable section around the top of the plantation. The timber extractors have been here and flattened the area, not very environmentally friendly but good for access.
You will have to clamber through brashings for last fifty metres to reach the logging camp. Turn south for 100 metres and then left through the narrowest section of trees (just three or four rows) out onto lower slopes of Green Hill.
You should come out near two very lonely trees. Head for a third (dead) one further uphill and another few hundred metres to top.
It’s not an inspiring hill but you get a good view of south-east side of Benachie or the jets on approach to Aberdeen.

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