83 Lamahip from Craig Lash

Having come up onto Craig Lash via land-rover track, it is tempting (we were) to continue off the hill via the same track going west. However this soon fizzles out and leaves you stranded. Probably better to leave the hill going north and picking up the track going west alongside the drystane dyke.
We eventually came out at a large gate at NO565 921. Couldn’t see any obvious trail beyond here so turned north on east side of fence to NO564 923 where there is a small gate. Getting west from here is still heathery but fewer trees.
Eventually arrived at track junction at NO561 921 and kept going west looking for a way up onto Lamahip through the deep heather.
At NO558 922 there is a very old vehicle track going all the way to the top, much better. Part way up, a recently fallen tree obscures the sharp left turn in the track.

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