Monthly Archives: September 2016

Active (very) weekend for Deeside Runners

Round 5 of SHR Championship, the Merrick Hill race, saw 6 club runners in the field close to 200 with James leading the way coming 11th. Owen, Sam, Dave, Jane and Ursula all put in fine runs.

Deeside have won the Woman’s Senior Team and Steph the Senior Women’s, All other categories still to be decided so Pentland Skyeline it is. Shout if any one fancies a post race meal to celebrate.

Of course once again the championship wasn’t the only race and Peter and Sally won the Cairn William Hll Race in their respective categories.

We had 2 entries in the Crathes Half Marathon, with Jamie and Joe running, can’t find results yet and Jane K was racing in the Glasgow Cross Country.

Then there was the Salomon Skyeline with the club having good entry in all races. Of note was 2 fine performances in the Glencoe Skyline with Donald doing 11:12:28 and Jim doing 12:05;19.

One expanded to 3 days racing the club was well represented on first 2 days with Steph coming 2nd in the Vertical K, with Donald warming up with a fine time. the Club had a good turnout for the Ring of Steall with Sarah coming 14th, and 3rd in fv45, Katie coming 15th and Marie 19th.

Fine play by all