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Clachnaben the final 40m.

Pleased to say managed to get to within a few mins. of top running so maybe good news for next race. Carried rockboots and chalkbag as plan was to tick a few climbs but rain put a stop to that. When is summer going to return? Ah well a few more check points with cliffs near summits if not too the actual points.



Creag Ghiubhais

A short evening walk when the weather had finally improved. Started near the quarry on the south Deeside road and made the mistake of following the lovely green track round the hill. Much better just to head straight up which avoids the worst of the heather. Came down this way. This is one of my favourite small hills in Deeside – the pine trees at the top are all small and gnarled, and there are great views in all directions. Only took 40mins.

eagles and seagulls

While the serious runners were at Slioch, K and I had a gentle walk around Lamahip and Craig Lash. Started just west of the Bucket mill where there is space to park by a track which according to the map only goes a short way – don’t believe the map round here. It actually goes all the way to Finlets Cairn where it becomes the path marked on the map. The northward extension of this on the other hand, doesn’t really exist. On the way up the (rather steep) path we saw what I think was a white tailed eagle circling over the woods. It was far too big to be anything other than an eagle, and had a white head and (I think) a white tail. I’ve never seen one over here but I know some were reintroduced to the east coast. Whatever it was, it was huge. Carried on to Corybeg then Lamahip. There have always been lots of seagulls here, strange so far from water. There is a track to the top, but the start isn’t easy to spot, and it isn’t very good. Back to Corybeg, then straight down the hill, through the gate in the fence and on to Craig Lash. Took the track south west from the summit, over the other top, then followed other tracks, some good, some not so good, down the Burn of Finlets to the road. Very nice woodland around here. I’ve seen capercaillie here in the past, but not for a few years. From the car we went down to the ford and K went to point 82. I didn’t want to get my feet wet and I’ve already done it so I didn’t bother to wade the river.

No 10

Cycled, again, to cp11 and then struggled to run up Sgor Mor. A nice, if overshadowed by the neighbouring Munroes, hill. Still a lot of snow on the higher hills and cloud level at 900m so opted for prompt return for tea. Keep finding excuses not to visit Beinn Bhrotain

Sgor an h – lolaire

We parked on the South Deeside road and headed on the track going West till the fence then went up hill to follow the ridge to Sgor an h – lolaire. Great views of Lochnagar.

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Head over heels about Loch nan Stuirteag

(Tuesday 26th May)

After visiting Wells of Dee we took a look at the route over to Stuirteag. We knew that this is difficult to reach from the eastern end so thought it worth the effort of trying from the west. Its mostly easy going with not a bit of heather in sight but there are bouldery bits, wet bits and (currently) snow to keep you awake.
The loch was very easy to get down to although we had to walk all the way around to reach the outflow (official challenge position)
Back into a headwind to reach the tricky descent into Glen Einich and our bikes for the cycle out to Colyumbridge.
Unfortunately I misjudged a corner and went over the top, landing heavily. Bruised ribs and a dead arm mean that today (Wednesday), Ev has had to take me for cake at the Inscriach Nursery and Tearoom – voted one of UK top ten for cakes.

Looking down on Loch nan Stuirteag
The ouflow
Cake at Inscriach

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Possibly the Wells of Dee

(Tuesday 26th May)
Ev’s retirement gifts included a voucher for two nights at the Cairngorm Hotel in Aviemore. We booked up a few weeks ago and kept our fingers crossed for good weather so we could tackle the Wells of Dee from the Glen Einich end. Forecast was iffy but we woke to dry weather this morning and we were off. Parked near the caravan park and cycled in along Glen Einich, just short of the loch, where the footpath starts and heads up past Coire Dhondall. A long but mostly good track but there are a couple of tricky sections at the top, very muddy and slippy and a long way to roll down if you slip. For non-climbers (including us) this is quite a scary section – even worse on the way back down.
At the top, turn left and keep climbing past Coire na Clach (although we diverted to the cairn to chat to two other walkers). Then on to the Wells.
If you thought Lazy wells Wells were underwhelming then wait for the Wells. Even on a good day they are hard to spot but when covered in snow then its a bit of a guessing game. Here’s a picture at our guess location.
Back south to see what we think about going on to CP05 Loch nan Stuirteag.


the view from the upper track back down into Glen Einich
the Wells of Dee

Glen Feardar

Headed up here with my Mum. Started from car park at end of tarmac road at Aberarder along way-marked trail to Auchtavan. On way back followed trail past another old settlement known as Loin. From here I made a wee detour onto Leac Ghorm which had lovely view across to Lochnagar and Ben Avon / Beinn a Bhuird, before heading back to Aberarder.