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Craigendarroch and Baudy Meg

The first (Craigendarroch) was a Sunday walk with the girls (their 11th cp).

The second (Baudy Meg) was today in lovely sunshine but bitterly cold winds. Started from Bridge of Ess up the Craigendinnie track and along. Returned by dropping down to the Firmounth Road and back by the river.

In Coull

From Lochmanse to the unnamed hill above. Once beyond the farm, (not a manse at all), up the very good track, then off to the right, followed by the inevitable heather bashing for a short while. I saw a buzzard, jay, meadow pipits, mistle thrush, song thrush, treecreeper, coal tit. It is very scenic, particularly coming back down the glen. Great weather too.


Stopped off on way home for a jog not quite as short as hoped for. May not have been very quick on The Birnham Hill race on Saturday, and congrats to all those who were, but legs never been so stiff on following day and not great today. Somewhat dissappointed not to find foot brdge on map so ford was waded and cp 82 collected with ease. All went well with hill till near summit when peat took over and pace slowed to crawl. Possibly the only uncairned top around….or was I in the wrong place?

Tried a different descent but even less easy to run on and was pleased to get to van as the heavens opened.



Up to Braemar to climb Creag Choinnich. I liked this one. Parking at the foot of hill, a path and signposts-what a novelty. Great views from the summit, showing a lot of fresh snow on the big hills. Wildlife consisted of two chaffinches.

Dinnet lochs ride

Family cycle starting from between the Dinnet Lochs, then a clockwise loop to the river bank (cp63), up to the boardwalk (cp58) then round the N end of Loch Davan and in to the Logie Burn inflow (cp71). Nice wee ride.

Deep Rocky Heather

Marie and I set off from the gate by Loch Ulachie through the forest and onto the path that skirts the ridge up to the Coyles. Still some fresh snow from last night, but it was quickly melting leaving a lovely wet slush. From the Coyles we headed south west making a pretty straight line down then back up through deep rocky heather onto Craig Megan. From here we headed North (more deep rocky heather) to cross the Girnock river which has some convenient stepping stones just where the track meets the river on the other side. We followed the track to the disused farmhouse at Camlet before a sharp ascent onto Sgor an h-lolaire. Skies had cleared and we had a lovely decent along the ridge towards Creag nam Ban. At the col we descended through more deep rocky heather, crossing the bog and then up more deep rocky heather onto Creag Ghiubhais. This was finished by, guess what, even more deep rocky heather as we dropped back down to the Girnock river. The final mile on the road was somewhat of a relief.

I think we can definitely say that we have had sufficient heather bashing training for the Mountain Marathon, I might be quite disappointed if there is none!

Carnferg and Brackloch

Started from Newmill carpark and up the mapped track to Carnferg. The forecast had been for clearer weather coming through mid afternoon but we had face-stinging hail as we left the shelter of the trees and didn’t hang around on the top.
Came off north-west via Pete’s (described by DaveH). This took us very easily down to the trees to pick up the good track round towards Brackloch. Got as close as we could on track (just at bend where stream comes under track via pipe) before going up through the heather. Cairn was a bit hidden but eventually found. Not much of a view but the two cp’s make a nice route together.
Retraced route back to track and down through Newmill to road.
Photo: D nearing the trig on Carnferg.
Photo: At the cairn on Brackloch

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control hanging bonus

Out in Balmoral today hanging orienteering controls for the WOC training camp. One of them happened to be on the hill top just near the Princess Royal’s cairn, so a very brief detour was rewarded by a cp bonus.

26 March, 2015 18:25

[cp 18]

Was working on Morrone for SNH and post work bumped into Orienteer bosses at the the Cafe and despite cold and wet pursuaded myself to run up Tom Anthon before heading home. A fine peak for a short run.

Out of interest had been to Bellamore Craig with to belay Jules up a fine E4 on a crag I had never noticed, and would highly reccommend as a view point for those heading out to Big Stane (cp 99). Of course so excited by cliff never made it to the trig point.


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