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Linn of Muick

Cycled from the house to the Linn of Muick waterfall this afternoon. There was plenty of water in it, a creamy colour like the head on a beer. Saw a few Long Tailed Tits. Got home a bit damp and muddy but never mind I need the exercise. . .

Coyles of Muick

Well a pleasant morning going twice to The”Forrest”, as the Vat has been named by the superstar. Not climbing just clearing stuff up near the cliffs and hard to beleive I came home and went back. Of course weather was ok and I had forgotten something I needed.

Alas the weather did not Hold . I have probably been up to the Spittal of Glen Muick more than 50 times enroute to the Dubh Loch and Lochnagar, but never stopped to spy the falls, and must say they were impressive today.The Coyles could best be described as cold and wet so little time was speant on the tops.


Attack of the Killer Red Grouse

I’ve heard of people being confronted by capercaillie in their territory, but never by a red grouse. I had just reached the ridge above the Bridge of Muick on my way to Cairn Leuchan, when a red grouse flew in and landed at my feet. It then scolded and clucked at length while I took some pictures. I did wonder if it was actually going to physically attack me, but it merely squawked around my boots until it felt it had escorted me off the premises, at which point it stopped. Remarkable! The incident brightened an otherwise dull and wet morning. Other than the brave or stupid grouse, I saw three blackcock, a herd of red deer, and three mountain hares.

Wet and Boggy

Set off from the Sawmill at Finzean up the track to Peter Hill. From here dropped down following one of the burns to Water of Aven. Then up the other side onto the shoulder named Cock Hill to join the track. Here we originally planned to continue up the track to Battock, but rain, sleet, wind and poor viz meant we turned back early heading back down to the river and then up onto Baudnacauner. We descended to the ford at Lairds Burn using the very well placed plank from previous visitors (we missed the bridge too) before returning to the sawmill.

86 Hill above Lochmanse

Just south of Wartle, there is a timber route up into the forest. About a dozen years ago we used this as a handicap route, running up to the fenceline a little east of the cp. We set off from home by mtb intending to use the track. However there are timber operations currently and the track is a mess of mud and difficult to climb. We knew we couldn’t get all the way to the top so got off the bikes about 1km south of the cp.
We found the fenceline and Jane’s marker stone and also the deep heather.

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Craiglash & Toms Cairn

Jamie and I ventured out on Thursday night to Craiglash which neither of us had explored previously. I used the force to navigate (GPS) and then decided there wasn’t enough force (battery) to do Lamahip and it probably made sense to leave it for the daytime! So headed back the same way and went up Toms Cairn. Beautiful clear night.

96 Picadilly Circus

On our way back from Tesco we stopped to do Craigrath
We had only run a few metres when we spotted DonaldK coming down towards us having just taken the cp. We stopped to talk for a few minutes when RogerC arrived by bike having also just completed the cp.
This is our second time up here this year. Last time was in mid January in cold snowy conditions when we did a loop coming down via Brown Hill. Today was less picturesque but footing was definitely easier.

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Lamahip and Craiglash from Glencat

Parked half way along Glencat and ran out to the farm at the end. Then up the track towards Forest of Birse, turning left at the top towards Lamahip. From Lamahip continued over Corybeg to Craiglash and then back down to Glencat by the track past Murley. Nice morning but felt a cold westerly wind when out of the trees. Saw lapwing down in the glen and a weasel on the drive there.

Hill above Lochmanse

Early morning run from near Wartle. Route signposted 4 miles to Tarland via Lochmanse. Ran up across field then on to a track . Just out of the wood ,at a gate I followed a small animal track next to a fence. I continued until a small stone marker post with a T on it. I climbed over the fence and went through tall Heather until I got to the cairn. Picture shows Morven on the skyline.
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