Monthly Archives: July 2010

Ballater 10

Warm dry conditions saw over 150 runners complete the 10 mile course.  First male was Ross Fulton in 59:23 with first woman Melissa White not far behind in 1.00.11.  A big thank you to all the helpers.


Summer Picnic

The summer picnic was was a big hit with all those who managed along.  Unfortunately Gary was struck down with flu and Warren was delayed by a hurricane on his way home from Houston (poor excuse).  Luckily Warren’s brother John was visiting and walked in with Sue.
Derek and Evelyn brought in the picnic on their bike trailer though an over enthusiasm on the catering meant Derek had to make a second trip back down to Keiloch to fetch in the juices and pudding.
John’s son biked in with Sam and they were the first guest arrivals at about 12:40.  Evelyn hi-jacked some tables from the BBQ hut (no breaking and entering) and had the food on display on the BBQ porch by the time Derek arrived back at 12:50.  The picnic was scheduled for 1:00 and bang on the dot, people arrived from all directions.  Phil (running in from Keiloch), Dave and Kathy on bike, Dave and Jane (finishing a long run from Balmoral – and looking to cadge a lift back), Jon, Sarah and Ewen and finally Sue and John.
We had a couple of sharp showers but we were all protected under the porch and the picnic continued unabated. Everyone made a valiant attempt to eat as much as possible so as to save Derek having to make two trips taking it out again.  Pretty much they all said they were stuffed – until the chocolate was produced and suddenly space was found for ‘just a little more’.
A team effort on the tidying up at about 3:00 and we all headed home, perhaps just a little slower than we came in.
A great success.